Advertising Agency Summer Internship


Hey there, young buck. Looking to kickstart your career with a summer internship? Well this is a pretty sweet place to start. Getting a look at the guts of an agency is a rare opportunity. You’ll learn a lot about—well, a lot. So whether you’re the next Don Draper (or Peggy Olsen), or simply curious about the biz—this is it. Per tradition, we need interns for each team:

  • Account ManagementAccount Management interns support the account team by helping to manage multiple projects across several accounts. This gig is a solid mix of strategy, project management, and administration. Core duties include writing status reports, change orders, meeting summaries, campaign reports, etc.
  • CreativeCreative interns (design) will work alongside fellow creative team members on a variety of accounts. This gig is a solid mix of tasteful design, inspired conceptual thinking, and skilled creative production. Creative opportunities run the gamut from design, art direction, branding, and content creation in both traditional & digital environments.
  • MediaMedia interns are responsible for supporting the agency’s media services for clients. They assist across several accounts, working directly with the client and internal teams to research and analyze trends.
  • Social StrategySocial strategy interns know the ins and outs of Facebook, Twitter, and the Gram. These interns will learn to understand emerging trends and digital strategy behind social. You’ll manage social media initiatives—including paid, owned, and earned—for a variety of clients. You’ll also need to understand data and how it can be used to define high-level campaigns.
  • TechnologyTechnology interns (web development) have a detailed understanding of how successful interactive pages are laid out and function.They will focus on coding and implementing web interfaces and templates. Interns will be expected to work closely with the designers, other developers, web producers and back-end programmers to create solutions that are professionally executed across browsers and devices.
  • Video ProductionWe need skilled, driven, and unflappable video editor interns. Someone with a razor-sharp eye and the ability to manipulate film. They’ll assemble recorded footage into a project that matches the vision of the director. We're looking for storytellers - someone who is able to bridge sight and sound together to tell a cohesive story.

This is a 9-week summer internship program (June 3 - August 9) where interns will have the chance to work on a final project, and pitch their ideas to a client (and the agency!) at summer’s end. Oh, and this is a full-time, paid internship. So if you land it, you can tell Mom to stop worrying so much. The deadline to apply is March 18, 2019.


  • Soon-to-be college seniors and recent graduates
  • Pursuing a related degree (advertising, marketing, psychology, business, CIS, etc.)
  • Send us a short video (upload it to Vimeo) answering the following question: What unique qualities can you bring as an intern to WHITE64?                     


At WHITE64, talent gets you an interview. Chemistry gets you a seat. Ball’s in your court, now. Apply using the handy form below. And be glad we didn’t make you enter your job history line-by-line. (Don’t you hate that?)

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