When it comes to the web, content is crushing it. Especially video content. The most popular websites are all tailor made for video. And consumers, with their ever-shortening attention spans, are living off of effortless, click-and-consume videos.

This isn’t really news, of course. But the shift is becoming so monumental that we must master it ourselves. So when we had an idea for a short, holiday film series, we jumped on it. Twelve Days of Creativity is the perfect storm of design, copy, code, film, and editing. We merged all our capabilities to show consumers, clients, and prospective partners that WHITE64 is more than ready for the content era. But we didn’t just do it in a hurried, box-checking effort. We gave it serious thought, focused on the details, and got it right. The end result being a beautiful collection of short films that wows viewers and offers up perfectly sharable pieces of content.

Date: December 15, 2015