Whether you're watching Super Bowl XLIX this Sunday, February 1, to cheer on the Seahawks or Patriots or to simply catch all of the new ads (or Katy Perry), you will be one of the more than 100 million Americans tuned in for the big game. And, let's admit it, in addition to surrounding yourselves with friends, family and fellow fans, you'll likely have some electronic device tethered to you as well.

Today's multiscreen user consumes around 7 hours of screen media on average per day, and here's the kicker: that's within a 5-hour period of time! Talk about the rise of peripheral devices. We're now living in a time where meshing (looking for related content while watching TV) and stacking (embracing our inner ADD to look for totally unrelated content) are the norm.

Super Bowl advertisers ponying up money for those big brand spots are not only embracing the multiscreeners, they're looking for ways to engage them beforehand with teaser campaigns leading into Sunday's tune-in.

With 2015's teaser campaigns, brands seek to double down on awareness, receptivity and recall. We at WHITE64 wondered how successful they were. So we polled our staff to find out what has piqued our interest as we go into Sunday's game and learn what ads captured our attention in years past.

Here, we present the results of what we'll be looking forward to seeing, whether on our TV, phones, tablets, watches.... well, you get it.



First Place: "Lost Dog" | Budweiser


Second Place: "No More" | NFL, nomore.org


Third Place: "Kims Data Stash" | T-Mobile


Honorable Mentions:

For pulling heartstrings without a puppy:
"Real Strength" | Dove Men+Care
For revisiting the Immaculate Reception:
"It's That Easy" | WIX
For best use of raining fish in a 60 second spot:
"All-Powerless" | Mophie
For creative financing:
"Band of Brands" | Newcastle



To see how WHITE64 can help you build your own Super Bowl-worthy multiscreen campaign, contact Andy Anderson.

Date: January 30, 2015