The National Parks Service turned 100 years old yesterday. It’s a big deal and as an agency we are celebrating this holiday hard.

We have the honor of working with National Parks Service affiliates, including Delaware North, authorized concessioner of Shenandoah National Park, and Fairfax Tourism, which encourages us to connect with Great Falls National Park and the spectacles and musical legends at Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts.


The DC Metro area we call home is a tucked-in, tie-wearing traffic jam of employees, parents, politicians and players. We live each day like a winning game of tetris. At the advanced level. In our advocacy for NPS, we invite travelers and residents alike to escape this mundane and often manic space, and to find new space - in their surroundings and in their minds. To find their park and find their peace.

And so we it doesn’t quite feel like work when we broadcast the adventure and the intrigue of a National Park. And we feel it important to recognize the unique dedication the people behind NPS. As advertisers and as earthlings we encourage you to celebrate this centennial with us. All NPS properties are fee-free from August 25th-August 28th. You don’t need expensive hiking boots or a straw hat….just a present mind set and a conscience appreciation. Since 1916 the National Park Service has worked to preserve these pieces of land for one reason. For us. So take advantage and #FindYourPark.

And here are some fun photos and stories from our team, doing what we can to find our parks.

Date: August 26, 2016