DC is known as a political town … not a creative one.

Creativity is alive and well in DC. It just needs to be unwrapped.

Deliver the gift of DC creativity via an online storytelling platform.

Twelve Days of Creativity is a short film series celebrating creativity in our nation’s capital. There’s more to DC than polos and politics. The city has a rich creative scene that can compete with the big boys.

It was also an opportunity to show prospective clients that WHITE64 can handle their video needs in-house. Our idea was simple: film 12 creative individuals and release one video per day during the month of December. It’s an advent calendar for the 21st century. It stakes DC as a creative town, and stakes WHITE64 as content kings.

What began as a simple, pro-bono holiday assignment morphed into an arduous, six-month blizzard of brilliant work. Our creative subjects loved the videos and have gained business as a direct result. And our clients have tasked us with similar video projects after seeing what we could do.


2016 Best of Show - Interactive
2016 Gold - Cross-Platform