Gift Rapping

For creative agencies, the annual “holiday greeting” to clients, peers and the community offers a unique opportunity to showcase talent. Because you are your own client, the answer to every question gets to be “Yes!”

At WHITE64, the review of campaign concepts kicks off around Labor Day. Typically we’ll look at between 10-15 concepts. Ultimately the creative department votes on the most inspired idea. Once aligned, we go right to work on production.

This year’s campaign idea spun the time honored holiday tradition of gift wrapping into a more contemporary interpretation we called…gift rapping.

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The core idea was simple enough: find a freestyle rapper, set them up at a mall kiosk, and have them create customized “freestyle gift raps” that shoppers could share with family and friends via social media.

The execution hinged on finding exactly the right talent—some Goldilocks rapper who wasn’t too naughty or too nice.  Enter Harry Mack, California based freestyle wrapper.

Fresh from his appearance on the Ellen Show, Harry was trending like rock star. So we made the pitch.  Harry got back to us quickly. As long as there was a charity component to the concept Harry was on board.

With the talent box checked, we worked up a comprehensive social media plan that would amplify exposure to the event beyond those present at the mall.

On Saturday, December 16th, Harry hit Tysons Corner Mall like a hip-hop hurricane. Shoppers were smiling. Store clerks were dancing. And everyone was pushing out content from our poetic phenonom.


Because the concept lent itself naturally to video, we captured Harry’s freestyle flow in a series of “snackable” videos.  Social media promotion before, during and after the event delivered off the chart impression metrics. A site experience enabled gift rap recipients the ability to view and download their customized content.

Ultimately, the campaign delivered more than simply a holiday greeting to clients and the community. Gift Rapping was quickly repurposed as experiencial marketing case study for the agency.


Harry surprises shoppers at Tysons mall

The Art Whino gets rapped