Tysons Concert Center

It's been estimated that 20% of shopping malls could close over the next several years. Virginia’s largest mall wanted a way to draw younger patrons in the age of Amazon.

Shopping is no longer only about the transaction. Instead, it is about creating an atmosphere and experience, and malls are customized hubs for their communities. Since people long for the unique experiences they see on social media, we helped Tysons meet shoppers on their smartphones. 

Host a concert series headlined by exciting in-demand artists, and get concert-goers to use their social media platforms to promote the event to a larger audience. It didn't hurt that we gave them free selfie sticks as part of the promotion. 


Rachel Rocks







1) Snap a concert photo
2) Share your photo on Instagram
3) Tag the photo, #RachelRocks
4) Get a personalized print out

Campaign Results

  • Increased organic reach by 20k, more earned impressions than Facebook & Snapchat combined