50 years ago, our founders were the disrupters of their day.

   Welcome to our temporary site celebrating our 50th anniversary and the launch of our new agency brand. 

   Inspired by the likes of Bill Bernbach and David Ogilvy, our founding partners believed passionately in the power of ideas. So when Nolan, Duffy and White opened shop in a small Georgetown office in 1964, more than an advertising agency was formed: A culture was created. And a course for the future was set. 

   As you can see from our agency timeline below, much has changed in 50 years. Today, our agency has gone digital. The new creative team consists of art copy and code. And big data is replacing mass media. But our belief in the power of ideas remains the essence of who we are. 

   To effectively portray our new ethos we are now simply WHITE. With a nod to classic minimalism embraced by our founders, the new brand honors our past as it positions us for the future. And our new URL white64.com, was chosen as a reminder that our agency was born during a time when the idea was everything. 

   More than simply the philosophy that empowered us through our first 50 years, we see it as the competitive advantage that will take us to 100.