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What Do You See?

Luray Caverns

Bronze HSMAI Adrian Award: Luray Caverns, What Do You See Series? – Digital Marketing, Social Media Campaign
Platinum dotCOMM Award: for Luray Caverns for Social Media Marketing | 117. Social Content

When the global pandemic hit and the Caverns had zero visitation, we needed a new way to share the wonders of Luray Caverns. Built upon their long-standing brand, What Will You Discover? we developed an organic content series featuring cave formation photos on Facebook and asking followers to comment on what they see (akin to finding shapes in clouds). The top 2 answers are then utilized in a poll within Facebook and Instagram Stories for followers to vote on. This organic social media content series was developed specifically to grow their Instagram audience and increase engagement across both Facebook and Instagram. While the global pandemic is in the past the WDYS series is still a fan favorite and consistently in the top three posts month over month.

When Launched: COVID cabin fever is boring me to tears. I need new ways to engage my mind.
Present Day: This encourages me to exercise my creativity and use my imagination.

When Launched: While you can’t visit Luray Caverns now, you can still discover new wonders with your imagination.
Present Day: Luray Caverns is a natural wonder, and you can discover new wonders with your imagination.

From January 2021, Luray has tracked their organic social media stats on both Facebook and Instagram. The What Do You See? series has become their most popular and engaging social content series, and the numbers have continued to increase month-over-month, far exceeding their expectations.

  • Services
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