Visit Fairfax

First Things First

There are a lot of amazing places to visit up and down the East Coast. Our first task was to find a focal point that Fairfax County could genuinely lay claim to. Something that uniquely defines Fairfax. For us, that thing just happened to be this guy:

Bringing George to Life

The QR code. Nope. Can’t do that. We wouldn’t do that to you. Fairfax wouldn’t do that to you. George certainly wouldn’t do that to you. Nonetheless, technology can be an integral part of storytelling.

The More the Merrier

George couldn’t do it alone. So he brought two of his closest friends. And who better than former Fairfax County visitors, Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin?

Heard of the Louisiana Purchase? Thomas Jefferson is quite the avid shopper. No wonder he visited Fairfax, VA.

Make 'Em Laugh

George, Ben, and TJ had to do more than talk. If the founding fathers weren’t entertaining, the QR code and moving lips would be nothing more than a gimmick. Fortunately, they all had an entertaining story to share. Especially Ben.


Best of Show - HSMAI Adrian

Silver - Regional ADDYS
Gold - National ADDYS

One idea. Several channels. Quite a bit of buzz.

Interactive OOH connected to mobile web videos that drove to a sweepstakes. Social media posts reminded folks to keep an eye out for our founding fathers.

  • 16 million media impressions
  • $7 million projected revenue to Fairfax County
  • 16% increase in Facebook followers
  • 3,000% increase in website traffic


News media coverage helped the buzz grow. All in all, it was one chatty little campaign that drove some pretty big numbers.